How Sunshine Hill Properties can help

Home ownership is part of the great American Dream. However, all too often, it can become the great American Nightmare! Banks, mortgages, leins, down-payments, purchase options, escrow... They can all be confusing and overwhelming.

I can help you navigate the stormy waters of home purchase and ownership. Having "been there and doen that", I understand the pitfalls and "gotchas"!

I buy "Pretty Houses."

These are homes that don't need any repairs, or if they do, they're very minor. I pay full price and can close very quickly. For these, I can close anywhere from 7-30 days depending on the terms we work out. Sometimes people need a longer close to get affairs in order, and I can be flexible there as well.

I buy "Ugly Houses."

These are homes that need a lot of work. Usually a seller just doesn't have the time/money/capabilities to fix it up. The house is a headache and the family doesn't want to handle it anymore. I will come take a look at the property, do an evaluation of the costs to bring it back to life, and give you a cash offer in about 24 hours. These I can close in 10-14 days. You'll have your cash and I'll take your headache!

For both of these purchases, you don't have to clear out the house if you don't want to, I'll take care of most everything if that is your desire. I'm here to HELP YOU!


This is my specialty and my favorite!

A candidate for this type of program is ANYONE who is having trouble getting approved for a home loan! Do any of these describe you:

  • Poor or bad credit?
  • Don't have 20% to put down (which can be $60-$80k in this current market)?
  • Self employed and banks giving you a hard time?
  • Have a former bankruptcy or felony that hasn't seasoned long enough?
  • Undocumented, deserve a great home, but being blocked by government controls?

I have a multitude of ways to help.

The basis of lease-to-own is simple. We will both sign what's called an "Option to Purchase" your house today, locking in a predetermined price. No more chasing the market where the more you save the more money you need just to put some money down. This document is exactly how it sounds, AN OPTION to buy during the designated time period. In other words, you have dibs on that house until you decide to buy or not. In the meantime, you rent the house from me. It's the same as any other lease you would sign from any other landlord, but the difference is...this is going to be YOUR HOUSE! At Sunshine Hill Properties, my Lease/Option documents are renewable if the year ends and you just need more time. No problem here! I want this to be your house, so I'll keep renewing the lease/option as long as all the other terms of the agreement have been honored.

Other Real Estate help

Of course, I can help with all sorts of real estate transactions. If you have questions about which path is right for you, I'm happy to help guide you. These 3 are just my specialties. Sunshine Hill Properties is your one stop shop for all things Real Estate. I want any Real Estate worries to fade away when Sunshine Hill Properties is taking care of you and your family.