Your Phoenix area Lease Option Specialist!

Dream it, Lease it, Own it!

  • No more Landlords selling the home from underneath you.
  • No more Landlords raising the rent astronomically from year to year.
  • Take back control of your housing situation!

If you are like me, I was stuck in the rental cycle making my landlord rich and continually unable to save enough for my down payment. Let us help you get into a rental that gives you the power to build equity, and lock in a purchase price you know you can save for!


Did you know that for credit scores under 600 the chance to get a home loan is about .06%. A low credit score also lends itself to higher interest rates, demands for higher down payments, and higher monthly payments.

With our programs, we can get you into a home with a credit score of 550 or higher. Once you’re in your home, you have time to work on getting your score higher to eventually get approved for an excellent mortgage! We will also provide you with resources to help you along the way.


We all know that there are many different programs that can help with down payments. From the VA loan with a 0% down payment to FHA with a down payment of as little as 3.5% These are excellent programs IF you qualify! If you’re like me, I didn’t qualify for either of these programs and I was forced to put $80,000 down to finally buy my home! With our lease option programs, your down payment is treated more like a rental security deposit. Depending on which program you qualify for and how big a house you’re wanting, it will be between $3,000-$6000. Better yet, if you decide not to buy your home, the security deposit if fully refundable as long as all the terms of your lease has been met!


Once you’re approved for the program, I’ll take you house shopping just like you were buying a home. It’s a really fun time and a chance for you to pick from all the great houses that are currently for sale. Once you pick a home, our investors will write a cash offer and buy the house specifically for you! Then you rent the home from us, with the OPTION to purchase for up to 5 years. There is no obligation to buy, there are no penalties if you decide not to buy, but there are incredible opportunities of home ownership if you do.



  • Credit Score Minimum - 550
  • Income Requirement - 3 x the desired amount of rent
  • Down Payment - 1.5 x the rent of the home, or 2% of the purchase price depending on which program you’re approved for
  • Single family homes and townhomes only - No condos or manufactured homes
  • Felonies, evictions, and bankruptcies have holding periods. Please inquire about these if applicable


  • If you’re renting anyway, you may as well invest in yourself with a rental that actually give you back your power
  • You hold the contract for up to 5 years. Landlord can not sell it out from underneath you and is legally obligated to YOU
  • Your right to purchase price and your rent is laid out for you in detail for the next 5 years. NO SURPRISES!
  • Build equity in a home you don’t even own yet! Once you buy the home, all the wealth that house gained simply by you living in it, belongs to you!
  • No more chasing the market and being left behind because of the insane home appreciation rates. You actually start benefiting from it as soon as you move in!
  • Enjoy having a team with resources to set you up for success! From credit help, to financial planning we will strategize with you to make sure you meet your goals
  • If you decide not to buy, I will buy the contract back for you to make a little bit of a profit!