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The Conteras Family

Laura came to us being forced out of their long-time home and in a desperate panic. Their landlord had given them 60 days' notice, but immediately started harassing them to get out! Laura would call crying because they were so unhappy and tortured after living in the same house for 10 years. When Laura and her family got approved for a home with us, those tears of sadness and fear were now tears of relief! You see, this is a multi-generational household. Not only did her immediate family need a place to live, but her brother's family and her parents also lived with them. They needed a 5-6 bedroom house with multiple living areas. A large open kitchen for family dinners, and a big backyard for all the kids to play in. Within a couple of weeks, we found Laura a home. A home that she and her family could live in comfortably, without ever having to worry about a landlord harassing them again. 

The Williams Family

Kim came to us in search of a rental, because the house that she and her husband were building was going to take another 12-18 months before being complete.  Her husband worked long, hard hours, and her elderly mother needed an easily accessible full suite on the ground floor (not pictured here).  Kim wasn't happy with the quality of rentals she was finding, nor was she enjoying having to pay $50 per applicant fee every time she submitted an application for a home. When she finally found us, she only had to pay one application fee and we searched for as many houses as it took until we found her a lovely home with all the higher end finishes she wanted. Now she knows that she has control over her rental situation. She doesn't intend to use her option to purchase the home currently, she likes that it's there just in case they want to keep both houses and use one as a rental property in the future! 

The Beaulieu Family

Andrew called us while we were in a training conference in Miami. His wife was 38 weeks pregnant with their second baby and due any day! They needed a new place ASAP and with all the baby expenses and life changes, qualifying for a mortgage at that time was just too overwhelming for them. That same weekend, we found them a home they liked, scheduled an agent to show it to them (since we were in Miami we couldn't be there in person), put an offer in on the home, negotiated the offer and got it accepted. Within 2 days, the Beaulieu's knew they were going to be able to move out of their tiny apartment and become a family of 4 in a new home. Now that they have a lease with an option to purchase, they can take their time to qualify for a mortgage without stressing or losing time with their expanding family. 

The Rico Family

John and Jazmine came to us as a referral from Anduray Family Mortgage. John runs his own business, and couldn't get qualified for a low down payment loan program. Putting 20% down was going to drain their entire savings and they didn't feel comfortable being 'house poor.' John knew if he could get into a lease option, he could lock a price in for the next 12 months. Giving him time to file his taxes most efficiently to qualify for a better loan product. John loves that he's already gaining equity in his house even though they haven't purchased it yet, which will give them even more leverage with the banks come mortgage time. 

The Dailey Family

A cross country move to be with her grandbabies is why Lori called us. She had just been blessed with another grandchild and decided it was time to be nearby to help with the kids and gobble up any Grammy love she could get. Since she couldn't be at the home viewings in person, her daughter met us at a couple of houses while Lori tagged along via FaceTime. Being unsure where exactly she wanted to land, committing to a mortgage was too much. However, finding a great house with the potential to own was the next best thing. There's no penalty if she decides the neighborhood just isn't for them, but if they love it, they have a locked in price ready to get a mortgage together. It only took us 1 week to get her a home and now she's soaking up every minute she can with her grandkids. 

The Ghering Home

Kim is a friend of a friend. She's a nurse and found out that the apartments she was living in were being renovated and the landlords were removing all the residents without a promise of a new lease when the work was complete. Kim is a single woman and her father comes to stay with her for extended periods of time from out of state. While her father pitches in with bills, the majority of the expenses landed on her.  It's hard these days to qualify for a home loan as a single person especially with the current market appreciation. Since she has stellar credit, we were able to get her approved for the Choice Lease program giving her a 10% discount on her monthly rent and allowing her to save that extra money for a future down payment! In a couple of weeks, we found her an adorable 3 bedroom home on a cul-de-sac that she can take her time to qualify for and buy when she's ready. 

The Stull Family

Ryan came to us exhausted since he works overnight shifts, and his fiancé works long hours at the hospital. They were blending their families, but the house hunt with his hours were just running them both ragged in this uber competitive market. We took over for them. Narrowed down the houses they wanted to see, and fought for them to have a seat at the table when it came time to place offers. Sometimes you just need a team of professionals to take over so you can focus on what's important in your life and let us take on the stress. Now Ryan and Tiffany can plan their wedding, and qualify for a mortgage whenever they feel ready. 

Judy, Vicki & Ryan

These two amazing ladies are sisters. They too were being forced out of their rental, but life had changed significantly for them recently. Judy was awarded full custody of her 3 year old grandson Ryan, and they wanted a place to live that would provide him with security and structure as he grew up. They've never owned a home before, and they never thought home ownership would be an option for them. Our program has allowed them to move into a fantastic 3 bedroom home with a park across the street for Ryan. They have locked in with our credit repair specialists and our financial savings planners to put them on the right track to buy the home within the next 2-3 years. A lifelong dream of home ownership is now within reach, and Judy and Vicki are proud to be able to provide that sense of home for Ryan. 

The Cadena Family


The Jordan & Mariann Family

The Margo & Troy Family

The Moore Family

The Nadar Family

The Orosco Family

The Terzian Family

The Gomez Family