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About Sunshine Hill Properties

Why we got started...

ashley attwoodAfter 15 years in the Entertainment Business, and living in Los Angeles, I had saved a substantial amount of money to buy my first house. Much to my surprise, even though I had $200,000 to put down on a $600000 townhome, I could not find a mortgage lender that would approve me for a home loan! I was broken hearted and rather angry!

I started researching different ways to finance properties and how I could finally own my little piece of the American Dream. During the COVID-19 shut-down and quarantine, I dove deep into real estate study and connected with the lease-to-own financing option. I then started to understand how many people this same financing technique could really help! I knew tons of self-employed people, or people who had low to no credit that just needed someone to give them a chance.

So, I decided to open a business that would spread the word of the opportunity and help as many people achieve this dream as possible!

Real Estate ownership with a difference!

We're different because our focus is HELPING people!

  • We buy properties at a fair price.
  • For 'Pretty Houses' we can pay full price for your home and close quickly.

This is ideal for those that have some financial stress revolving around a property. Maybe you're facing foreclosure, and selling your house to Sunshine Hill Properties will save you from losing your house and any equity you've built. A divorce, or death in the family can also leave a property in the mix that causes more stress than it's worth.

I also buy 'ugly houses.'

You've seen the signs, but that's NOT me! I try to get you as much money as possible considering how much the house would be worth and how much work needs to be done. This would also be a cash offer, so you'd be able to use your equity the way you need it.

Once I acquire a property, it's then fitted out to take on a lease-to-own buyer! So, the sale of your home will go to helping someone achieve their dream! What an amazing legacy you get to be a part of! Lease to Own gives so many people a chance to own a home where the conventional market wont even look twice at them.